Proactive Messages

In this one month where
My fellow classmates have been
In the classrooms, taking either
Microeconomics or Italian,
What exactly have I been
Occupying my time with?

We’ve already eliminated travel
For now, yes.

Instead, I’ve
Studied for and passed both my
Required online pre-calculus test and
Optional macroeconomics waiver exam.

But mostly, I’ve been
Attending to the various


Trainings and


Offered by SAIS especially for those who are
Already here during the pre-term.
And let me just tell you this:

SAIS is the most
Proactive university I know,
Really pushing its students
To seriously think
About our future careers, and
About our life both on and off-campus.

Case study #1:
Required online course about
Sexual Misconduct—
The laws,
The rules,
What to do if anything happens to you and
What to do if anything happens
To someone you know, you’re friends with, or you see next to you.

I can tell you now that,
Though I’ve been
Generally aware of
This (and this type of) information, I definitely
Did not know all this
To this extent.
My flatmate put it best: the course
Empowers you
To speak up, act out,
Do more than just know and know generally.

Case study #2:
Required Professional Development Course
Orientation and modules, that

Make you think,
Right now,
About what type of industry you want to go into, what career you hope to pursue in the future;

Make you prepare
Yes, now,
Applications to both future companies / organizations you hope to work / intern in;

Make you focus,
Starting now,
On your strengths, values, motivations, and interests,
Which will lead you to the best-suited position for you; and,

Make you realize that
Is not the time to waste,
That grad school wasn’t made for “waiting to decide”, but rather for
Deciding on the life you want to live from

And while I’m sure my previous university has also had its own offices for these concerns, there was that feeling that
You have to know where to look in order to find them. But,
With SAIS,
You are given all the tools you need right from the start;
You just have to make proper use of them.

Not only does this make me feel even more that
SAIS is definitely
A good investment decision,
But it also

Excites me,

Inspires me,

Impresses upon me
To grab this opportunity by the reins and
Make the very most of it.

Tell me,
What has your university done
That you were / are most grateful for? Or,
What could they have done better / more?

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