Splitwise: A Review

It’s been exactly
One month and one day
Since I officially moved in to
The flat I am calling
For the next nine months (at least).

My last entry talked about
Choosing a place to make home, and
One of the considerations was
Whether to share your flat with others or
To live alone.

Well, I should say,
I am a big proponent of
Sharing an apartment.
(Note: I didn’t say
Sharing a room, as personally,
I believe that you
Need your alone time.)

I’ve already mentioned some of the
Pros and cons of
Shared apartments, but
One thing I missed is that
Buying some things (e.g., house supplies such as laundry detergents, cleaning liquids, etc.) can be
Much cheaper since you share
Both the burden and the use of them.

In this case, an app like


(Which was introduced to me by my own flatmate)
Can be very useful, nay

What is Splitwise?

It is both a Web and a mobile app
Built for the purpose of
Sharing expenses.

Its cross-platform capabilities are already a
Big check in my list.
Being able to enter expenses on-the-go, or
Type them up on your computer when the bills are more tedious / longer
Is a huge advantage.

All the different ways you can
Input your expenses and
How they’re split among you is
Another great thing about this app.

Not only can you input
More than one person who shelled out money for a particular bill,
But you can also decide whether

To split the bill straight down the middle,

By exact amounts,

By percentages,

By shares,

With adjustments, or

By item in an itemized list.

You can even add a note and/or image
With each bill you input.

In addition, you can
Make groups for people you regularly split with (in my case, for example,
My flatmates and I have a group for those
Shared expenses I mentioned earlier).

There is also a
“Simplify” option where,
If person A owes an amount to person B,
And person B owes that amount (or more) to person C,
Then it would simply let person A know
To pay person C directly.

And, when settling payments
You have the choice
To record a cash payment, or
(Though I haven’t quite tried this out yet)
To pay through PayPal.

Other nifty features:

Upcoming bills
Shows you any recurring expenses.

Shows you the amounts you’ve paid for,
Your total share of expenses,
The payments you’ve made / received, and
Your total change in balance.

Balance reminder
Lets you send a message (through the app)
Reminding someone to pay you back.

Is always a good feature, for
When you’ve decided you either
Don’t want to continue using the service or
Want to migrate to another similar service, or
Simply for offline management.

I would definitely recommend this app
Not just for those sharing apartments,
But even for families / couples / friends
Who share / have shared / will share expenses
At any point in their relationships together.

P.S. Another pro to sharing an apartment?
Cooking with your flatmates, and
Eating their cooking! (See: Featured Image for this entry)

How about you? What’s your favorite thing
About sharing an apartment? 😀


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