Strictly Speaking

The past few weeks—
It’s been weeks already!?—
Have been
Seems like an

My biggest problem
At the moment, is
My visa.

Despite the
Lack of power
My passport
Supposedly holds,
I’ve never had
Quite this much problems
With a visa application

Even when I
Went to Japan
For that one-year study program,
It took all of
One submission
(Not even in person) and
A week
To get my A-OK
To go.

And now, I’m
FOUR times running
Back and forth
To the intermediary visa center,
Twice, and
To the Italian embassy,
Will be twice next week,
To submit
Upon document
Upon document—
Poor trees; I’m so sorry.

And I get that
It’s probably the
Current situation in Europe
That’s causing all this
Unnecessary stress and
But by gosh, it truly is

The waiting
Is always a problem,
Even more so when
You have no time to wait—
My flight is supposed to be
In two weeks—
But the uncertainty
Of whether they’ll even approve my application
Compounds to make my stress
Many fold.

I know, I know,
And yes, I have been told,
That all this will be
Worth it in the end—
It always is.
I just have to get through
These hurdles,
These climbs that seem
Insurmountable now and
Like they might collapse any second.
But when you don’t know what
You’re waiting for, or
Where you’re going right now,
It always seems to take
Forever to get there.

But for now,
Let’s just say:

A little more,
A little longer.


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