Behind the Bank

There’s an issue I’ve been considering,
With regards to
Where to put my money
While I’m taking my Masters.

Of course, I have accounts
With my home bank,
Which my parents have long favored, and
Consequently, I have too.

And when I took my
Exchange program in Japan, I was
Required to start an account
With the local Postal Bank,
In order to receive my scholarship funds.

This time,
My current needs—

Paying my matriculation fee,
In US dollars,
Even before leaving the country;

Perhaps needing money to be
Transferred to me from my parents
In the two years I will be abroad;

Possibly depositing money,
From part-time jobs or the like,
That I hope to access regardless of
Which country I am in (i.e., the Philippines, Italy, or the United States); and,

Having an all-around accessible
Place for money—

Has led me to do a bit of research on
Some international banks
That address said needs.

Of the articles that I browsed,
These two (NerdWallet and Forbes)
Seemed to best answer my questions.

From some of the people I’ve asked,
Two banks have often come up:

Citibank, and


(Mostly because,
Not only are they large international banks,
But they also have a presence in the Philippines.)

Now, I should say
My dad, in particular, seems
Firmly against Citibank, and
I have heard that
Citibank charges are on the very steep end.

Still, I don’t think it fair
Of me
To choose one over the other
Simply based on
Other people’s bias.

That said, you can expect me to
Check both banks out
And see for myself what they are offering.

Among the things I will be considering:

What is their “Student Account”,
As both banks seem to have one,
Purposely for international students like me.

Will creating an account with them
Allow my parents and I to transfer money
To and from the Philippines and abroad?

Will I be able to pay my tuition through their bank?
That is, either through a direct money transfer
Or through a withdrawal.

How can I access my money while I am abroad?
Specifically speaking,

Are there branches / ATM’s in Italy, in particular
(Because some of my research has claimed that
All Citibank branches have been removed, and
While there is an HSBC office, I have not been able to find
The location of an HSBC branch)?

Can I deposit money into a branch (or perhaps a partner bank) abroad,
That I will be able to access either in another country or in the Philippines?

How much are the charges to withdraw from abroad?

Are there any other points that I am missing?
Are there any other questions you would like me to ask?
Feel free to let me know in the comments below. 🙂


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