For Love of Reading

Last April 23 (or 24, my time) was
Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon!

For those who aren’t familiar with it,
It’s basically
A 24-hour read-fest,
Where people from all over the world
Commit to spending anywhere from
1 to 24 hours

The rules?

You choose

Your reading list,

How much time you can commit,

Where you’ll do it,

How you’ll keep track of your reading / update others (e.g., blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.),

If you want to cheer for someone or be cheered on,

If you want to participate in any of the mini-games hosted by the Readathon admin, or

If you’ll just READ.

While this isn’t my first Readathon,
This one was a lot harder for me,
As I had to consider
Factors such as

Work-related stress,

Scholarship applications-related stress,

My family wanting to celebrate my birthday,

General tiredness and lack of sleep, and

The summer heat.

Even with all this, and
Even with only 5 hours to spare,
I am pleased to say that
I managed to finish
TWO (2) books on my list:

Fairest, and


Both by Marissa Meyer.
(Reviews to follow.)

Admittedly, there was a point when
I felt that this Readathon just
Added to my stress—it felt
Like something I had to do,
Instead of something for leisure—
I did appreciate the
And the opportunity to learn

That I have to
Make time
To read
(And for leisure, in general).

I’ve often seen
These memes on the Internet
That point out how
There comes a point when
You lose

The time,

The energy, and

The willpower

To read,
No matter how much you claim
To love reading.

Your Read list becomes but a grain
On the sand of your To-Read list.

The bookworm in you evolves into
Your latent tsundoku (Japanese for “book-hoarder”).

It’s sad—
I know I am—
But let me tell you:

Reading is a choice,
Just like any other hobby,
Or sport,
Or relaxing, too.

Making time for it,

Getting in the habit,

Doing it when you know you want to:

That choice is all up to you.

P.S. How do you keep reading? What kind of books do you read / would you recommend? Feel free to let me know! 😉

P.P.S. The next Readathon is on October 22, 2016! Will you take the plunge? 😉


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