All Dressed Up

Today is my BIRTHDAY! *\o/*
But that actually isn’t what this post is about… sort of.

So, yesterday, I had this
Crazy idea
That I wanted all the girls in the office
To dress up
In either a gown or cocktail dress,

Because I wanted the girls
To be pretty
On my birthday.
(Not to mention, it has the
Added benefit of
Balancing the stress of work.)

And they did,
“Because it’s me,” they said,
Which was a really touching thing.
(Yay for not having required ‘office attire’.)

Since I figured that
Everyone would be wearing
Cocktail dresses,
(Because, let’s face it,
It’s kind of a hassle to wear a gown
On a not-so-required day.)
I thought I’d try to stand out
By wearing a gown—and
Not just any gown, but
One from my collection.

You see, I have a collection,
Unintentionally started by my mom,
Of costumes from different countries.

What I wore today, and
What is featured on the above picture, is
A long gown (similar to, though not quite, a cheongsam)
From Hong Kong.

So far, the other things in my collection include:

A white silk ao dai
From Vietnam,

A pale yellow kimono
With a scarlet red, embroidered, obi
From Japan,

A haori
Decorated with flowers in varying shades of pink
From Japan, and

A black & gold ao dai, and
A scarlet red ao dai
From Vietnam—
My mom went a little wild
With buying me more
Because she liked how they looked
On me the first time (i.e., with the white one).

On the one hand,
These costumes make a beautiful collection.
I’m sure they’ll be
A wonderful conversation starter as well,
Once I figure out how to properly display them.

On the other hand,
Considering my ‘eccentric’ sense of fashion,
I’m not opposed to—and yes,
I actually do—
Wear them, and/or
Mix and match them,
For casual occasions.
(Case in point: today.)

Unfortunately, as other travelers will know,
Procuring this kind of a souvenir is
Both difficult
And expensive—hence, why I tend to buy them
When my mom is around to pay for it. Haha.
Still, it’s very worthwhile.
This is, by far,
My favorite of my
Souvenir collections.

P.S. Do you have any interesting souvenirs and/or collections?
Share your stories in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!


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