Finding Food

I’ve never been the type to
Be picky with what I eat.
In fact,
My parents taught me and my brothers
To be adventurous with what we eat and
To never say no without trying it.
Actually, among the three of us,
I’m probably the
Least picky when it comes to food.

As we grew older,
Not only were my brothers and I trying
To exercise more (with my little brother being the most successful in that endeavor), but we were also trying
To be more healthy about our food choices.

That’s a lot easier said than done.
Especially considering

The culture,

The availability of said foods,

The price, and

The laziness to go out and find them.

That last one in particular
Is what I am having the most problem with.
After all,
Given the previous three factors,
It’s not as easy to find as you’d think.

The Philippines could very well be
The most unhealthy of the Southeast / Asian countries,
With lots of oil in our foods, and
More meat than leafy greens.

So, “whole, natural, organic” foods tend to be
Imported; thus,
Only found in higher end supermarkets, and of course,
More expensive.

Also, given our busy schedules,
My brothers and I don’t have the time to cook.
This is a problem
If we’re trying to avoid

Fast foods,

Processed foods,

Canned goods,

Farmed (i.e., chemically / hormonally-induced) fishes,

And the like.

So, this begs the question now:
How to find food?
That is,
How do you eat healthy in this fast-paced, often unhealthy generation?

I’d love to hear your stories and suggestions to healthy-eating!


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