Those Things I’ll Never Say

Have you ever had something
You felt like
You couldn’t tell anyone,
Or worse,
You shouldn’t tell anyone?

Something that you

Are curious about,

Have read about
On the vast platform that is the internet, or

Simply know
From seeing or hearing other people,

Yet, you’re
Too shy to ask?

Talking about it with

Your parents,

Your siblings, or

Even your best friend

Seems slightly weird and
Not just a bit awkward.

For example,


It’s a fact of life,
True, but

Perhaps it has a bit to do with culture,
That Filipinos can still be very conservative
And talking about it is almost taboo.

Or perhaps it has to do with age,
And even though this generation of youngsters has all the information at their disposal,
Talking about it makes you seem almost like a slut—
Regardless of if you have any plans to do it or not.

Or perhaps it has to do with image,
And good girls—prim and proper ones—should not even know what it is,
Even though we do,
Let alone talk about it.
(This kind of reminds me of Spring Awakening, the musical.)

For every reason we have NOT to talk about it though,
I believe we actually should.

For one,
Given the internet and the information that comes with and from it,
It is practically impossible to keep people, even children, completely clueless.
In fact, stopping them or keeping them from such information
Almost always increases the likelihood that they’ll go looking for it—
And maybe not in the best ways to do so.

“Ignorance is never an excuse,”
Isn’t that what they always say for things, usually bad, that happen?
Since I already brought it up, Spring Awakening actually makes a good example of it:
If you don’t talk about sex, its consequences, or whatever else goes with it,
Can you blame people for teenage pregnancy, STD’s, and the like?
Whose fault is it really?

While it’s understandable that
It can be difficult to find the “right” person to talk to about it—someone

Who you’re comfortable enough with,

Who won’t judge you for your questions and curiosity, and

Who can either provide or help you find the answers—

I think it’s a worthy endeavor.

After all,
One way or another,
You’re bound to find the answer.
Given the chance,
Wouldn’t you like the choice of
How to find out?

P.S. It’s said that open communication is an important aspect of a healthy relationship. The same goes for your relationship with yourself. If you need someone to talk to, I’m open to listening and talking. 🙂


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