A Different Sort of Adventure

(So, I was supposed to post this
Yesterday, but I
Found out too late that there was
No internet at home. -___-;;; )

One of the things I believe
I have to my advantage is that
I am
To any and
To almost all things.

So, when my girl friend
Invited me to
A beach party, the
Summer Siren Festival,
At Crystal Beach, Zambales (in the Philippines),
I said,
Sure, why not?

As an aside,
She expressly told me to
Leave the boyfriend behind, and
I didn’t mind.
For one,
He understands.
And two,
I like that we can each lead
Our own lives
While being “together”.
That’s important
In a relationship, I believe.

Cliché as it is, you have to know—and
Before you can love anyone else.
In other words,
You have to be someone—your own person—
Without defining yourself by someone else.

And speaking of knowing myself,
As I said, I’m open to a lot of things.
This goes for travel as well.

While my favorite thing about travel is,
Hands down,
The cultural side,
I’d like to think that
Music and the club scene has
A different type of culture in it as well.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

Not only did I make a lot of new friends,
Starting with the old friends of the one who invited me,

But I was also introduced to a bit more of the
Local music scene, notably
Hale and BV, Kio Priest and Tek x DC.
(As a note, although I do know
Some artists by name/song—Taylor Swift for example—
Generally, I am familiar with some names and songs that
Come up on the radio, but I often can’t match them or name them off the top of my head.
Just so you know. xP )

I also tested my
Social drinking skills—and I still
Have never gotten drunk, which can be
A bit surprising
Given how infrequently I drink.
And, I’m also learning
How to actually
Like the taste of some alcoholic drinks,
E.g., Sprite + GSM Blue Mojito, Coke + Emperador Light, Tequila Rose, and Sweet Celine Red Wine.

I know I can often be
The prim and proper one—
This was the image I carried throughout high school, and perhaps some of college—
But I do also like to try
Partying and letting loose from time to time.
I’m glad that I do have some friends
Who are willing to invite / join me.

It was a fun, laidback
Beach party experience.
After all,
With the right people,
Any experience can be
A blast!

P.S. Have you had any awesome beach party and/or clubbing experiences? What did you find most memorable about them? I’d love to hear from you!


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