The Privilege of Opportunity

It’s been a bit of
A while since my last
Trip, and subsequently,
Trip-related entry, but

Last April 1-3, I was
Invited by my boyfriend’s family
To spend the weekend with them

At Balesin,
An exclusive island club in the Philippines.

Prior to my trip, I
Actually have heard a lot about—
And seen numerous pictures of—
This island resort. (This is the cue for
“Social Media Envy”.)

In summary, it features
Seven (7) “villages”—a collection of

Guest villas,

A public space (usually a restaurant or café),

A pool (or two), and

Access to a beach (yes, they each have a different one).

Further, these villages match a different country-theme:

Balesin, Philippines,

Bali, Indonesia,


Phuket, Thailand,


Costa del Sol, Spain,


Mykonos, Greece,


St. Tropez, France, and


Toscana, Italy.

For first timers to the Island,
They offer a tour / orientation,
Showing you around each of the villages and even
Entering some of the rooms.
(Although the boyfriend took me on a
Personal biking tour instead.)
In each village you see
The owner’s efforts to stay true to each theme, as well as
His wife’s effects, i.e., souvenirs from her travels that have become part of the décor.

The overall result is indeed
A pretty exclusive vacationing spot.

Speaking of exclusive,
Let me paint that picture for you.

Not only are the prices on the high (or very high) end,
With each villa costing P20k a night for non-members,

But you also have to take a small plane—we rode
A Cessna Grand Caravan—from their
Own private hangar,
Just to get there.

Even though we were there over
A weekend, and of course traveled
Around the island, it can still be
A pretty rare occurrence to even
Meet someone on the island,
Unless you’re in one of the three popular villages—
Balesin, Bali or Mykonos.

But of course, it really is
A beautiful place.
Originally a fishing island, yet
Despite not having any “protected areas”,
The coral and marine life are rich and teeming.
The architecture and interior design were
Well-thought out, as you can clearly see
From the pictures above. So,
All in all,
You’re definitely paying
For the experience.

That leaves me with
Two (2) things to say:

I am beyond happy and grateful
For this opportunity.
Not everyone gets it, after all.

While I enjoy the adventures
Of backpacking and off-the-beaten tracks,
It’s also interesting to
Indulge in such luxuries.

Would you spend for such opportunities?


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