On Scholarships and Schedules

It’s been almost
A month since I last posted, and
For that,
I apologise.

Things have been
Hectic—that might even be an
What with


Scholarship applications, and

Life in general.

That said, before anything,
I have decided
To make some adjustments to my
Posting schedule.

Originally, I meant
To post everyday. But,
Given my workload (and okay,
Admittedly some laziness as well),
That’s a bit of a hard stretch. So,
After discussing it with some friends,
For those who take the time
To read my entries and check my blog—

I will be posting every

Tuesday and


And optionally (i.e., especially when I have multi-post topics such as
Travel/trip-related entries),
Saturdays and/or Sundays.

So. Today’s topic is one
That’s been long overdue—

I mentioned in a previous entry (here)
The Thayer Fellowship.

I completed, and submitted my application to this Fellowship
Last February 18, 2016.
I was a bit wary (and doubtful) that I would get it considering
I received an e-mail clarifying some
“Missing information” from my resumé and essays.

On March 11, I received a notice
From the Financial Aid Office of SAIS that
I did not receive their scholarship aid,
Yet I hadn’t received any update on the
Results of the Thayer Fellowship at that time.
On March 16,
The Financial Aid Office sent me another e-mail
With a notice that

I was awarded a financial aid package
From the Thayer Fellowship!

On the one hand, I was
Only awarded with enough to cover
One-third of my expenses for my first year.

On the other hand, I received
One-third of my expenses for my first year.

Grateful as I am,
I cannot stop yet. So,
I continue to apply for further scholarships.

Last March 29,
I submitted my application for
The Fulbright Scholarship for Graduate Students.

This will be for my funds
For my second year of study though.

I missed the application deadline
By a few days last year, so
I made sure to submit this year.

Finally, on April 1,
I also submitted my online application to
The PEO International Peace Scholarship.

I was unfortunately unsatisfied with
My Personal Statement for that application,
Though I couldn’t do much about it considering
I crammed that essay and submitted my application
Just a bit over an hour before the deadline.

Sadly, I received
An e-mail not too long after,
Stating that I do not qualify because
“A recipient must be attending classes in person
At a U.S. or Canadian school.”

Interestingly enough, I realised something
Just now.
Do they mean that I must be
Attending classes within the U.S. during the term I receive their scholarship, or
Does the school I attend have to be U.S.-based? Because,
If it is the latter, then I do believe I qualify. After all,
Johns Hopkins SAIS is a U.S. school.
(And I have just now sent them an e-mail to clarify this.)

And now, I still have
About two (2) more scholarships to which
I am planning to apply.
They are due

May 1 and

June 1,


I’m still hoping for
As much financial aid as
I can receive,
Though you can bet that
I will be leaving for my Masters this year,
(I have a Plan B,
Which I will write about a bit later in the future.)

P.S. Do you have any scholarships or financial aid options to suggest? I would appreciate your recommendations. 🙂


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