Sharing Arts

A follow-up to yesterday’s post~

Let me introduce you to


In a nutshell, it is
A website for
Photo contests and

First, it claims to host
“The world’s best photo contests”,
To which I have to say,

The themes,

The judges,

The prizes

Certainly seem worth it.

Then, they say that it is a venue
“To be creative, be inspired, and receive recognition”,
And I totally agree.

What sets it apart from other
Photo-sharing sites, such as
Facebook or Instagram, for example,
Is that it is
More ‘productive’, if I can use that as a term.
That is,

Its system of “liking” photos, which
Add them to your “Inspiration” board,
Not only compiles the photos that resonated with you,
But also curates them,
By “forcing” you to really look at the photos that truly
Inspire your creativity, as they’re meant to do.

Further, you can give
“Peer Awards”, with categories such as
“Superb Composition”, “Absolute Masterpiece”, “Outstanding Creativity”,
Among others (here).
This system surely responds to their vision that members can
“Receive recognition” for their photos, as well as
Serving as a simple yet productive way of offering positive feedback.

While I can’t speak for other similar sites,
Especially as I only stumbled on this site
After receiving a free 1-year Pro membership
As a bonus for a photo editing apps bundle I bought how-many-months ago,

Just two days of being a part of this community
Has already made me a fan.

Even more,
I was recently invited to become a
ViewBug Curator,
An honour given to a select 5% of members.
My role:
To “keep the community vibrant and friendly”, by
Welcoming new members and
Appreciating older ones,
Through awarding their talents and submissions.

This site,
As well as others like it,
Of communities of enthusiasts for a particular art,
Inspires creativity through
Sharing our creativity—our art—with others.
So, whether on this site, on another,
Or anywhere else for that matter,

I implore you
To share YOUR art
With the rest of the world,
With me.
And for that,
I thank you.

You’re an inspiration.


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