Growing Arts

Today, I
Appreciated art

For its form, in itself, and

For the knowledge that I’ve learned
To better appreciate it at all.

Let me be a bit more concrete, and
Less poetic about the matter:

I finally took the plunge and
Joined a photo contest online.
While looking back at some of
My old photos, particularly those
Taken with my DSLR, I found that,
Despite the quality of my camera,
The quality of the photos
Left much to be desired. In fact, I
Prefer the photos taken with my
iPhone now.

While smartphone cameras have
Indeed improved over the years,
Is more of a sign that
I, too, have learned much over the years.
So much so that, as I was once told,
“It’s not the camera that makes a good photo, but
The photographer behind it.”

I got to watch my best friend’s concert
After how many years of not doing so.
She’s about to leave for Florence, Italy
(Even before me, annoyingly amusingly enough),
Together with her string orchestra,
For a music festival.

After years of not attending her concerts, I found
That I seem to have enjoyed this one
So much more. And,
Despite not quite having that “ear for music”, I
Could actually tell when something
Sounded not quite right.
Like when learning a language,
Exposure has proven to be
A fairly good teacher
When listening to (classical) music.

Who knew that,
After how many years,
There has been learning going on?
It only makes me want to learn more.

P.S. Do you find yourself growing in your hobbies and/or field? What realizations have you come to after how many years? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. 🙂


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