How Crafty

I missed a day

It’s really hard to get
Back into a habit
Once you’ve broken it.
Will attempt to remedy that.

In any case, today
Has been fairly productive.
As I finished work early, I
Had some free time

To do chores (i.e., laundry), and

To do crafts,

With a nap some time in between. 😛

I have actually been meaning to do my
Since last year, even before December.
Either I had too much to do (with work and class),
Or I was just too tired / lazy.

That said,
I’m pretty proud of myself
For actually doing some of it

But well,
What exactly have I been doing?

You know how,
When a family member or friend comes back
From a trip, they often give you
A keychain
As a souvenir?

While organizing my things,
In preparation for my leaving-for-Masters,
I realized that I have accumulated
A collection of keychains,
(And old earrings-missing-a-pair, knick-knacks, etc.)
Which frankly, I don’t even use.
I can’t just throw / give them away,
For sentimental reasons, you understand.

There’s something frustrating(ly messy)
About keeping things that you don’t use.
So, I came up with a crafty solution (pun intended):

I am repurposing them into something
I CAN use, i.e.,

From charms,

IMG_2007(From an earring I bought in Thailand, to which I lost the pair a few days after I got back.)

To earrings,

IMG_2008(From one of the first pieces to my keychain collection, from a friend when she returned from her exchange program in France.)

To necklaces and/or bracelets,

And even hair accessories,
Like barrettes or hair sticks,

As long as it’s something I believe I will use.
(Though I’m “cheating” with some and
Turning them into magnets
For my dad’s place-magnet board,
When I really can’t think of something to turn it into
That I would actually use.)

I’m far from done,
But it’s been quite interesting,
And fun!
I wonder what else I can do?

P.S. Have you ever done such a crafty project? What do you do with your travel souvenirs? I’d love to hear your stories and suggestions! 🙂


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