On the Tracks of Singapore

Last week (i.e., February 22-27),
I was in Singapore
With the boyfriend and a couple of officemates-cum-friends.

One of the biggest realisations I had
During, and after, this trip is that:

The more you travel,
How you travel changes.

There’s my packing.
As I’ve mentioned before,
I’ve been aiming to pack
Not just smaller,
But lighter as well.
For this trip,
I managed the ~7kg carry-on limit going there,
But I failed to leave enough space
For souvenirs on the way home and
Had to buy extra check-in.
While my officemates were already
Amazed with what I’d accomplished of my packing,
I still feel like I could do better.

Our itinerary.
This trip was rather hectic,
With full days of walking for every day we were there.
I realized,
I haven’t jam-packed my itinerary like this
Since I first started traveling.
After around 8 countries, and almost double the number of trips,
I’ve learned to
Take my time.
While of course we want to make the most of our short stay,
I’ve come to appreciate the
Leisurely pace of a trip, and
As my dad once advised me:
Save the rest for the next time;
“It’ll give me a reason to come back.”

To be honest, I never really had
Singapore on my list of
Places to go.
While we visited some of the
Must-see attractions (e.g., Botanic Gardens, Sentosa, Marina Bay, Singapore Flyer)—
More thanks to my officemates’ choice than my own—
I began my research by Googling
“Off the beaten track” and “Singapore”.
The result?
We also got to experience
The indie shops of Tiong Bahru (notably the bookstore, Books Actually),
As well as the natural feel of MacRitchie Reservoir, and
The artsy vibes of Hajji Lane—the last two contributions of my officemates as well.
Surprisingly (considering what everyone’s been telling me),
I really enjoyed our trip to Singapore, and
There’s a lot more to see there than you’d think.

In the end,
There’s no question that
Travel is, and always will be, a learning experience.

I can’t wait for my next trip,
To travel some more! 😉


2 thoughts on “On the Tracks of Singapore

    1. I used a small (kid-size) stroller bag. 🙂 If you have an apartment / hotel room for the whole duration of your stay (i.e., you won’t be transferring / moving around much), a stroller bag is fine, since you’ll probably leave it in the room anyway.


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