Colours of the Wind

It’s been exactly
Since my last entry.
It wasn’t quite
Intentional, but
I promised myself
That I wouldn’t post
Until I finished my

Thayer Fellowship application essays,

Which I finally did,
On Thursday the past week.

And in between then and now,
A lot has happened—so much so, in fact,
That I don’t know where to start.

I finally got a new phone: an
iPhone 6S,
Rose Gold,
Open line—a necessity in order to
Use it even when I leave in several months time, and
Wherever country I end up.

I received a lovely floral surprise on Valentine’s,
And was treated to a dinner cruise on the bay
While watching some fireworks last Saturday.
I’d like to think my homemade peanut butter cake was a suitable response. 😉

A viral stomach flu has apparently been making the rounds.
I was vomiting on Monday,
Beset by fever and migraines on Tuesday, and
Suffered some slight dizzy spells on Wednesday.
Not fun, especially the
Trauma-inducing vomiting—a story for another time.

As I mentioned earlier,
I finally submitted my
Thayer Fellowship application.
I’m slightly worried that my chances for being accepted
Are diminishing, considering the e-mail I received from them
To clarify some important points.
I hope my clarification works in my favor though.

I just taught a younger brother
To ice skate for the first time.
There’s really a difference with
Teaching a kid and teaching an adult.
The satisfaction gained is completely different, as well.

I leave for Singapore,
For a week-long leisurely trip
With officemates-cum-friends,
Expect another set of
Trip-recap-type posts, though hopefully,
I’ll have internet to write day-by-day.
I’m looking forward to it.

The above list is
A quick run-through
Of what I’ve missed telling you
These past ~2 weeks. I
May or may not
Write longer entries on them,
Given time.

In the meantime,
Won’t you tell me
What you’ve been up to?


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