Regretfully, Goodbye

I’ll be taking a break from my
Recount of my Banaue — Buscalan — Baguio chronicles
To say


To a blockmate in college,

To a fellow writer,

To more than an acquaintance,

Yet I’m too ashamed of myself to be called his friend.

I’ve always known that


Comes after the fact, and often
For things you fail to do
Rather than those you did.

Of course, knowing
Only matters with the
Doing that accompanies it.

But now, it’s

Too little,

Too late.

I’d known he was
A writer
When he sent me a copy of his draft to proofread,
Which I never did.

I’d known he was
A working student
When he failed to show up to class after coming from work,
But I judged him too soon.

I’d known he was
A blockmate
Ever since our first year in college,
Yet I didn’t support him as well as I did for the others.

For these, and more,

I’m sorry, Cy.

I’m sorry…

I didn’t try to understand you more.

I didn’t keep in touch as much after college.

I didn’t buy your book while you were still here to appreciate it.
(Yes, he self-published a book, Charlie Sparks by C.N.Tan, and I ask you all to give it a try.)

But, I hope

You find peace where you are now.

Until we meet again.

P.S. Don’t let regret become a hard-learned lesson. Do you have any moments you regret?



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