Pre-Trip Jitters

My first trip of the New Year is
Upon us. From
Tomorrow evening till Friday night, I will be

Meeting new people,

Going up to the mountains,

Getting a tattoo,

And coming back a slightly changed person,
As every traveler inevitably ends up after each trip.

It’s exciting, but also a cause for
Pre-trip anxiety—a fairly
Normal occurrence, I assure you.

So today was spent on that

Last bit of packing,

Double-checking my list,

Double-checking the Facebook page of the event trip hosted by the agency I’m going with, and

Mentally preparing myself for the journey.

I probably won’t be able to
Post any entries for these next three (3) days—
Although my trip tomorrow is in the evening, I will be
Coming from work, after all,
Which does take precedence. And, I’m
Not sure if I’ll be able to get a decent signal for my cell phone,
Let alone internet services, for the rest of the time. But,

I will be taking note of any

Places I’ve seen,

Things I’ve done, and/or

Revelations I’ve had

While I’m gone, so I’ll
Tell you all about it when I get back. 😉

In the meantime,
Wish me luck~!

P.S. When / where is your first trip this year? 🙂 Share your stories~


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