The Pros and Cons of a Smartphone

A smartphone is
Never just a phone,
As we all know. It’s

A telephone,

A messenger,

An internet hub,

A music player,

An e-book reader,

A note-taking implement,

A camera,

A gaming device,

And so, so much more.

The versatility of that
Tiny little rectangle
Tucked into your pocket
Is one of the amazing benefits of living
In the 21st century.

Unfortunately though, there are some
When you find yourself
Dependent on a
Single piece of technology.

For example, my problem with
My iPhone’s battery—
You charge it for the whole day, and the moment
You unplug it and, say,
Open an app,
The battery goes down to 20%… and
Dies in the next five minutes.

Besides buying a new phone (something we’ll get into later this year), there are
Other (quick) solutions to
Stave off, if not outright solve,
This problem.

One involves an
Invention that followed the boom in smartphones—
Power banks.

But then, don’t you find it
Ironic? You bought
A smartphone for its versatility—
So many uses in one convenient package—but then
You weigh yourself down with
Smartphone accessories instead, and you realize
You’re pretty much back to where
You started… and even
Further back, to be honest.

Because, if someone steals
Your smartphone, you
Lose it all, as opposed to if
Someone simply takes one of the
Many gadgets we used to take around

So I leave you with
Some food for thought in
This increasingly technological world.

P.S. What do you use your smartphone for? Do you have any realizations you would like to share with regards to this? 🙂 Feel free to let me know!


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