Reading into the Future Generations

So I’m sitting in
A bookstore,

After caving in and
Buying myself a couple of manga (i.e., Japanese graphic novels) and an American graphic novel, (I
Haven’t bought myself comics—or
Any books for that matter—
In a while.
Saving, y’know?

I’m calling it a
Reward for actually making
Progress on some of my
Essays for
Scholarship applications

Thinking of what to write for today’s entry, when I
Overheard an interesting scene.

A dad-and-son pair were
Talking about a
Book on planes, and the son
Could name the different
Models. The
Dad was also making his
Son read the title of another book, and
They were talking about how
The author of that book was this astronaut
They recently watched on television.

A little later on, they pass by me again, with the kid
Asking his dad what he was looking at, and his dad
Replies to say he was looking at a
Biography of José Rizal. The
Coolest thing? The kid
Knows who that is.

They went on to talk about the
Second World War, with the
Kid’s contribution being:
“That was bad.”

And all this while, I’m still
Sitting there, in between
The shelves, just
Smiling to myself.

This whole episode
Made me so happy. There’s
Something about
Parents encouraging their
Kids to read, and
Talking to them about
Various topics that can only
Expand the child’s horizons.

I know not many
Receive that opportunity, and I am
Grateful I was one of those who did.

I only hope that one day, I can
Inspire kids—
Mine or otherwise—
In maybe the same way,

To read,

To think,

To ask questions,

To wonder.

The world would be a
Wonderful place with
Children like that, I believe.

P.S. What do you think about children and reading? 🙂 Do you have any tips to share about getting children to read?


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