Pushing On, Regardless

So I’m still applying for
Scholarships to fund my
Masters program at SAIS this year.

After having to
Defer my admission to a year, I’m feeling
Pressured to make it work this year
No matter what.

One of the fellowships I
Heard about too late (i.e., after my deferral) was the
Thayer Fellowship, which is
Offered by the Henry Luce Foundation and

80% of my tuition, as well as some
Additional fees for my pre-term and internships.

However, this fellowship was meant for those
Already working in government, military, or international affairs,
Not for those who hope to work there.

Still, after contacting the Associate Director of the relevant department, I was told I
Can apply for the said fellowship, even
Without the government endorsement.

The risk:
Those with endorsement are prioritised, of course.

So, seeing no harm in
Trying, I called the Contact Person of the Philippine Foreign Service Institute and
Asked if I could get an endorsement. It was
A long shot, and unfortunately, I was

Even then though, I
Won’t give up. It’s true, there are a lot of
Obstacles in my way, but I’m
Optimistic that things will work out, somehow.

Now I really have to get to
Accomplishing that application form and
Sending it in already. I’ll
Let you know how it goes!

P.S. Do you have any suggestions and/or recommendations for me? 🙂 I would greatly appreciate them!


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