Where to Stay, When to Go

A few days ago, I
Stumbled on a blog entry about
TripAdvisor, and the fact that
Bad reviews of hotels vanish and
Some hotels pay to be placed on the
Top of the list.

While I don’t use TripAdvisor often (I only
Use it as an initial peek of the
Things to do or see at a place), I
Know a lot of people who DO use it.

Such practices are
Not uncommon though, and
Not just on TripAdvisor.

For example,
When I’m booking accommodations, I use


Booking.com, and


Now, I’ve read the
Horror stories,

Of horrible hosts,

Of horrible guests, and

Of horrible spaces,

Where the experience does
Not match up with what is

How do I avoid this?

Well, I read
The reviews, especially on
Airbnb and

If there’s even a
Hint of something untoward, I
Look for somewhere else.

Thankfully, I have
Yet to have any bad experiences.

Thus, it can’t be stressed enough
How important
Honest reviews are.

However, I do believe that some
Perceptions differ
Depending on the person (for example, what is considered
“Dirty” may differ for some people), and in such cases, it takes

A bit of intuitive consideration (e.g., people coming from
The same country tend to
Think similarly), and

A healthy dose of
Faith—let’s face it, you can’t
Predict every scenario.

Still, it’s hard enough
To sort through the vast amount of
Information over the internet, without having
To worry over how
Credible those information are.

How do you pick
Your travel accommodations? Have you had any
Bad experiences due to false advertisement?
Share your stories here!


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