Boogie Board Sync 9.7: A Review

A little over half a year ago,
My mom got back
From Singapore
With a little something for me,
Bought at the last minute
While she was at the airport.

Boogie Board Jot 8.5,
A newer take on those
Etch-a-Sketch’s of old.
It uses one coin-type battery
And a small amount of power
For erasing, but it
Doesn’t need that power to write—
Making use of a high contrast LCD that allows you to

Write or draw with the included
Stylus, or

Your fingernail, or

Basically anything.

And, did I mention it’s
Pressure sensitive?

With a built-in magnet at the top, you can
Attach it to a fridge
For your to-do’s or memos.

The only thing missing was
A feature to save said notes, and
Put them on your computer.

Enter the
Boogie Board Sync 9.7.

After doing a bit of research, I
Found out they DID have such a feature on
Another model.

The Boogie Board Sync

Allows you to write
As smoothly as if on paper (and
Not on a tablet), and
If you’re using their stylus, you can

Save whatever you’ve written
In the internal memory, which is saved
As a PDF when you

Transfer the file to your computer
Via the included cable or

Downloading their
Partner apps for both your computer and
Your smartphone give you
More features such as

Organising the PDF’s into
In the smartphone app,

Projecting what you write unto
Your computer, similar to
A whiteboard, of a sort.

(You can see more features here.)

Note that, the app for
The smartphone and for
The computer are developed
Separately, so they
Do not have all the same features—
A problem I hope they’ll resolve in the future.

Specifically speaking, I used the BB Sync thoroughly
During my semester in Uni, taking up
Econ classes as a prerequisite for my Masters,
Last August to December.

What I loved:

There’s no delay between
Putting your pen to the surface and
The writing. It really is
A smooth, natural writing experience!

The battery
Lasts a long time!
Between writing and syncing regularly (either after class or at least weekly), I
Only experienced running out of battery during class
(Plugging in for syncing
Charges the battery as well.)

Bluetooth syncing
With the smartphone is
Pretty smooth and quick.
As long as the BB Sync is able
To connect with your phone,
The pages automatically start downloading.

(A suggestion to users: make the most of
The hot corners, wherein you draw a line down any of the sides and it
Automatically puts that page into a folder / “notebook” of your choosing.

On the down side though, this feature is
Not available for the computer app. Organization is done

Customer service!
Fortunately, I bought my BB Sync with the package
Including an extra stylus and a portfolio case.
When the top of my first stylus
Popped off, I sent the
Following picture to Kent Displays


And received a new stylus
Free-of-charge! (Note: within the warranty period.)

The response was
Both amiable and immediate.
Two thumbs up! 👍👍

What are not exactly deal breakers for me, but
Some things others might want to consider,
And maybe Kent Displays can improve upon:

Can’t see what you’ve
Previously written,
Unless you’ve synced it with the smartphone app.
In this way, it
Loses to a traditional paper notebook.

Depending on
How much you’ve written and/or filled up the space, it
Takes a bit of time (around a minute or two?)
To save (signified by the blinking light),
Before you can erase it and write again. This is
A slight inconvenience, particularly
When you’re trying to take notes for a lecture—your prof won’t wait for you, after all.

When transferred to your computer,
The PDF’s are vector-compatible (great for drawings),
But making the handwriting text-recognisable might be nice.

The biggest issue I had was really the
Disparate apps for the smartphone and the computer. After all,
What is the point of organising your files / pages on your smartphone, and
Not having them organised on your computer as well? That’s
An additional step that
Could be avoided.

I really love my BB Sync, especially
For taking notes!

As a student, it lessens those loose leaf notes stuffed in all places around your room, and makes
Digitizing said notes easier and more convenient.

As someone who tries to
Help the environment even just a bit, it lessens the need to use and/or waste paper,
Whether for notes or just doodles.

There are still
Other features of the apps that I have
To try out, but
You can bet I’ll be making use
Of my BB Sync
For my upcoming Masters studies!


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