Grey Area

Do you ever get that
Feeling, like you’re just
Not in the mood
To do anything?

It’s a struggle to even
Get up, let alone
Move forward?

You know you
Should be doing this or that—
So much to do after all—but
Knowing is often very different from actually
Doing anything.

Sometimes, this is a sign of
Depression (in varying stages);
Other times, it
Just is.

You’re not
Bored, nor trying to be
Lazy (though I guess, sometimes that is the case). You just
Don’t feel like doing anything.

And yet, the rest of
The world will continue
Spinning without you.

When this happens,
What do you do?

Personally, I’ve had
A number of days like this—like
Today—but at this point, I think the only way to go is
To wait it out,
To let it pass.

Of course, those urgent things
You have to do
Just have to be done, no way around it. Other than that though,
I tend to let the
Restlessness pass me by.

I can’t help but wonder though,
If there’s a better way to
Address this?

I’d love to hear how you do it!


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