To Live, To Eat

Today’s entry is about

We tried out a
Restaurant we’ve never been to yet, and it was
Good, though


One thing about
Food though is that, on one hand, you’re
Paying for the substance;

On the other, you’re paying for the

When you go to a
New place—either a

New country,

New city,

New area, or simply a

New restaurant—

Do you try
Their specialty, even though it’s something
You may not have ever tried otherwise? Better yet,

Do you try it
Because of that?

When you go
Somewhere you’ve often been, are you the type
To stick to “your usual”, or do you

Try something new each time?

With this, I want to challenge you:

The next time you
Go to your favorite restaurant,
Try something you’ve
Never tried before. And,

If you want to take it a step further,
Go find a restaurant
You’ve never been and
Have a blast!

Life’s too short to
Miss out on
Good food.

P.S. Share your food adventures here! I’d love to hear what you’ve tried. 😉


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