What You See, What You Hear

I apologise for missing
A day, in my diary-chronicles. Getting home
Late, after being out to various
Social events—that is, dinners
With different groups of
Friends—does take a toll on the body
The older we get, the more
We just want to sleep when we can (and
Even when we shouldn’t)—and
I’m not even that old yet! Hahaha!

Today though, I attended
My first day
Of beginner Italian class at the
Società Dante Alighieri Manila,
In preparation for my year of Masters
In Bologna, Italy.

After having gone through

13 years of Chinese classes through primary and secondary school,

1.5 years of German classes in my Uni and in the Goethe Institut of Manila while I was in college, and

1.5 years of Japanese classes in my Uni + 10 months in an exchange program in Japan,

I think it’s safe to say I
Not only foster an interest in
Language learning, but I consider myself to have
A good faculty for it as well.

So, though I was asked if I was
Worried, or

Anxious, or

Scared to be taking up Italian,

My answer was “no”. I was
Excited to be learning a new language

Further, while my Masters classes will be conducted
In English, it being an
American university, after all,
I will be living
In Italy for a year. It will only be
Advantageous to know
Even the basics of the language
Of the place I will be going to.
Don’t you agree?

What do you think about
Learning the language of a
Place you are to visit or
Travel to? Is it

Frivolous? Or,

Somewhere in between?


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