To Find and To Lose

I did it. I actually
Did it.

I mentioned in an earlier entry that
I was planning a trip to get
A tribal tattoo
This month.
Originally, I was supposed to go
With a friend (or two), but
Things happened. We would have
Pushed the date back, but there was
A tour being offered to
This very place. And,
The time felt right
To me. So, I went for it and
Booked. Alone;
Yet not.

It’s an exciting prospect,
Yet anxiety-ridden as well. My
First “solo” trip, without any
Friends or acquaintances, though
I’m sure I’ll make some on the road. I’ll make sure
To let you know how it goes.


On the flipside, I found out
That my brother (and I) can’t
Find my battery charger (for rechargeable batteries), which
I bought before the end of last year, for
The express purpose of taking it with me
When I leave for travel.

It was, honestly,
Not that expensive, but
The thought I put into it
When I went to buy it
Seems disappointingly
Wasted, even just a bit. It’s
Annoying. Frustrating. And, I’m still
Holding out hope we’ll somehow find it
Somewhere. Around. That
It’ll be one of those things that
Turn up when you’re
No longer looking for it—yeah, that
Really annoying and ironic phenomenon that
Happens to me a lot. (Is it
The same for you?) I’m
Keeping my fingers crossed.

P.S. Care to share some solo traveler tips for a newbie like me? 😉


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