In a Technological World

I went to have my laptop checked today. The speaker’s
Been making a funny noise on the left side, which I
Noticed after watching a couple of videos one time
Last week.

It’ll take 3-5 days for a diagnosis report at the Mac Service Center,
And as they believe it might be a
Speaker problem, it might take
Another 7 or so days, if they need to replace any parts.
That’s not even counting the money cost just yet.

On the plus side, after the last time, when
My old Macbook started getting problems, I
Keep all my large and important files either
On my external hard drive or
On a Cloud. So, not much files
Left to transfer.

On the down side, my work
Does entail research over the internet. That means,
A laptop is kind of a necessity. I’ll be seeing
If I can borrow an office laptop in the meantime though.

Unfortunately, in an increasingly
Technological world—i.e., we belong to
An increasingly tech-dependent generation—
Problems like these are pretty

The difference lies in
How we deal with these kinds of problems. Are they
“The end of the world”? Or merely a
As we go about our daily life? Consider this some
Food for thought
On the things we can’t live without.

P.S. What can you not live without? 🙂


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