When Things Work Out

One of my New Year’s resolutions, you could say,
Is one many are probably familiar with:
A healthy life, from
Exercise and healthy diet.

In actuality, beginning on one of the last few months
Of the previous year, I started doing
Some exercises—mostly for my
Scoliosis, as prescribed by a doctor. Though,
After stopping for three very stressful weeks
Just before the Christmas holidays, I
Have started exercising again—and I have
Taken it a bit further.

A 20-minute exercise routine
Everyday, with some
Jogging at least once a week, if I can manage it, is
My current regimen.

In terms of diet, I am
Cutting back on carbohydrates—goodbye to my regular
Filipino diet of rice—and
The bigger challenge for me:
Cutting back on sweets. (Oh, the torture. Haha.)
Of the meats, chicken and fish (or seafood) is
Preferred, I was told; and,
Vegetables. Lots of vegetables and fruits.
(Grocery-shopping anyone?)

In one week, I’ve actually managed
Somehow, to keep up with
This resolution. I’m wary to call it
A success just yet—it takes
21 days, at least, to build a habit—but,
It’s a good start.

Now, the question is,
While it is a challenge to keep the
Discipline and determination in this regard,
How do you do so
When you’re traveling?

It’s something I’ve wondered for a while.
How do you fit in
Travel and
And dieting, for that matter—
Together, without
“Missing out” on the things that make
Travel worthwhile?

Do you have
Any tips you’d like to share? I’d
Love to hear what you’ve found works, and
I’ll let you know if I find anything out. 😉


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