The Value of a Trinket

The value of a trinket, when
Given to someone, exemplifies that
Oft spoken statement: “It’s
The thought that counts.” So, I have
A question for you:

When you travel some place and
Meet someone new, someone
Who you may feel indebted to, or
Would simply like to show gratitude for something they’ve done for you, or
Perhaps just want to express the fact that you value them,
What do you do?

One thing I have to admire in
My mom
Is her exceptional gift-giving skills. Mind you, it is
Not a matter of what she gives, but
The fact that she always has something ready to give,
For any occasion, time or place.

When I was in Japan for a year, for an exchange program,
As per her suggestion, I brought
Several (bags of) keychains as
Gifts, giveaways, and basically,
Little tokens for all the people I felt grateful for and grateful to.
It’s something I hope to do as well, when I go
For my Masters abroad.

In particular, I find that
Tokens with a token of local culture
Embedded in them makes for great gift.
A keychain with a Philippine coin;
A bookmark and a pair of earrings made from native wood.
Something that is both useful, practical, and
Shows the recipient how proud I am
Of where I’ve come from.

P.S. How about you? What do you think
About giving gifts to, say, hosts of accommodations
When you travel? And, if you were to give a gift,
What would you give?


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