Closed Gates

When I decided I would be
Leaving for my Masters, I
Never thought that I might
Close some doors, or
Lose some friendships. Unfortunately,
I have to admit, even if I don’t
Leave, some doors are destined
To be closed.

I’d just read an article about
Leaving behind a
Friendship that is no longer
Healthy. And, as much as I
Hate burning bridges, especially as I’m
A social person by nature, there comes a point when
You know, too much is
Too much.

I was harassed, accused of
Things I know I am an innocent party to.
Unnecessarily stressed, before the
Hurt and betrayal set in. All this I felt, until I chose
To rise above this, because
I know I am better. I am
Secure in who I am, and I don’t
Need to let others drag me
Down, with their assumptions and

It’s sad—of course it is, but,
At least for now, it’s
For the better. So,

Goodbye, although
It’s six months too soon.

Goodbye to
One less friendship.

P.S. Have you ever lost a friend? How do you cope with this loss? Care to share? 😦

* Photograph on the wall is not a picture I own. Taken from Master Garden Restaurant in Malabon.


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