The Security of Friends

So, this post was meant for yesterday (it’s just past 1:30 AM), but
Can I help it that I just got home about an hour ago? That’s what happens
When you’re with
Friends, particularly ones you haven’t seen since
One year ago, or thereabouts.

This particular group of friends, we came together about
Twelve—my gosh! Was it really TWELVE!?—years ago.
And here we are, twelve years later,
Revisiting old hangouts,
Still the same people, just with
A couple of different stories to share.

One thing I’ve realized is that, when
I leave, what
I’ll miss won’t be
The food,
The places,
The things. While there may be a
Craving from time to time, but what
Will call my heart back home
Is the home I’ve found in people—
In friends who,
No matter the time or the distance, will
Not change the people they are.

My constants.
My security.
My home.

This is for you, friends.
Never to give in.

P.S. What / who do you most miss when you’re away from home? Feel free to share your realizations and stories. 🙂


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