Building On

Yesterday, I went to my
University, where I received my
Bachelor’s degree, and where I took an extra
Two classes of Economics last semester. (More on that another time.)
I went to request
My transcript, for
Documentation purposes for myself and for my
Future school. (I’m pretty certain they’ll request it of me,
After all.)

Today, I requested
More recommendation letters, from my boss and my former
Professors during my undergraduate years, for
Scholarship applications, which I’ve been
Applying to since last year but have yet to
Reap the fruits. Still, I am
Hopeful that maybe this time, I will
Receive that oh-so-important
Financial aid, because really,
Further education is not cheap.

Yes, I’m back
To the grind of preparing my documents,
Readying myself for the
Inevitable, yet at the same time, the unexpected.
Wish me luck!

P.S. Would you happen to know any scholarships, grants, or fellowships I may apply to? I would greatly appreciate any help! 🙂


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