Of Two Minds

Once you’ve learned how to travel,
It’s kind of hard to stop.

That said, I have a question
For you.
Knowing that I am supposed to be saving up for my
(Very expensive) Masters program,
Would you tell me not
To spend on travel (or anything else really) before then?

In actuality, I already have several
Trips lined up before I leave.

To Kalinga, Philippines in January.

To have a tribal tattoo by the last remaining Kalinga tattoo maker.
(Incidentally, a part of the photograph for today’s post shows her
In an article by Ana Salvá and Joan Planas
On the wonderfully informative page, Looking for Stories,
To whom all credit is given, for that part of my photo. Feel free to check out their page for more information on
This amazing Kalinga tattoo maker,
Whang Od.)

To Singapore in February.

To visit a friend who started his Masters journey earlier than I did.
Not to mention, this will be my
First time in the country, despite her
Close proximity to my own.

To Zambales, Philippines in April.

To join a girl friend in partying the night away on the beach, because
Let’s face it,
Some girls just want to have fun. 😉

To Pangasinan, Philippines in May.

To enjoy the company of officemates-turned-friends in an environment that
Invites us all to sit back and relax—
A necessary break from the busy, fast-paced city life.

The way I see it, these are
The two sides to the coin:

To save is not to spend. That is,
Why travel now; instead,
Save the money now, and
Travel then.

To save is to set aside
A little now, and let it
Grow, and
Grow, and
Grow. Until you have
More money then.

But whatever the case, I find it hard
To give up opportunities when they come
Knocking on my door. Specifically speaking,

There is that worry
At the back of my head
That two years is a
Long time for a time
So short. Will I still have
These opportunities then?

To take it now, or
To maybe not take it then;
That is the question.
What do you think?

P.S. In line with the above issue on
Saving money, may I ask:
How do you save money for travel? Any tips? 😉


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