The Student-Traveler

Everyone plays a role, no matter how big or small the part. And every road leads somewhere, though the destination is only part of the reason for, and value of, the journey.

So, here I am:

A student,

Who will be taking my Masters degree in International Relations
this coming Academic Year 2016 in Bologna, Italy, and
the following year in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics, and
spent 10 months on an exchange program to Kyoto, Japan.

A Filipino,

Who takes pride in my country, despite
her sometimes unruly affairs.

Who may come from a developing nation, but
am nonetheless determined to finance my top-notch education.

A traveler,

Who has awakened to my long-dormant love for travel, while
studying both in and out of the classroom.

Who has learned, will learn, and wants to learn more about
the secrets to packing light, finding hidden treasures, and meeting fellow travelers, students and natives alike.

My role is the student-traveler. And now, I’m embarking on my journey. Care to join me? 😉


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